Submission Process

Consider your audience

Think about whether your work is suited to JSAMR. Read about us, and please do contact us if you're still not sure or if there's something you want to talk about.

Read our policy documents

Our Author Policies describe what we need you to agree to, and also what we undertake to offer you.

Typeset your document

We have a LaTeX template for a standard article, and soon we will have one for each kind of submission we accept (other than posters). If your submission uses our LaTeX template, and your work is accepted, then it may be published even faster. If this isn't possible, or we haven't made a LaTeX template for your manuscript type yet, then we also accept submissions as a pdf saved from any word processor. Details for how to prepare a manuscript without using our templates are in our Manuscript Guidance.

Go through the submission checklist

Using our Submission Checklist will help you check that your manuscript adheres to our style guidelines, and will help avoid unecessary rejection or delay in the review process.

Complete the submission process

Submitting to JSAMR requires you to register for an account with us, and you will be lead through this process when you register. You may also find our user guide for authors helpful. You will only need to register for an account once, and having this account will enable you to track the progress of your submission, as well as communicate securely with your Editor and Reviewers within our system. To preserve the double-blind review process, and academic integrity within the principles of Open, we require all communications to go through our platform, and you will not be able to contact your Editor or Reviewers outside this.